what is matcha?

Matcha is a special kind of green tea from Japan. The Japanese characters used for matcha are which mean “ground tea” if we take them literally. And we do.

the health benefits of matcha

Great wines are some of life’s finest pleasures, but anything more than small quantities can have adverse effects on health (not to mention make you drunk or bankrupt you).

why not offer an organic matcha?

We actually do offer several organic matcha now, but I've decided to leave this entry up anyway, since it explains some issues related to growning organic matcha.

matcha and caffeine

It typically takes a good three to six hours for this minimal amount of caffeine to be absorbed into the bloodstream, and yet the wakefulness effects are apparent almost immediately upon drinking it.

the story of matcha

Matcha has been around a long time — since the late 12th century in Japan, a good 300 years before the printing press was invented, and centuries before Copernicus, Michelangelo.

how to store matcha

Matcha is very delicate stuff. It doesn’t like heat, it doesn't like air, and it doesn’t like light. Once it is ground, the clock on its shelf life — about a year, under ideal conditions — starts ticking.

liquid meditation

It’s hard to imagine that a beverage, or anything else for that matter, would actually help anyone to meditate, but the entire history of matcha centers around staying awake during meditation.

how matcha is produced

Matcha comes from the same plant that all true teas come from: camellia sinensis, the leaves of which can be made into green tea (unfermented tea; it’s simply steamed and dried), into oolong tea.

video of how to make matcha, breakaway style

Making matcha the traditional way is a classic case of form driving function. The bowl MUST be shaped the way it is so that the hand .

thick or thin matcha? why no in between?

The most cursory inquiry into the literature on matcha will bring up a reference to the basic two traditional Japanese styles of matcha preparation.

Packed full of tasty goodness

In his much-watched television chat show, hosted with Cameron Diaz, Dr. Oz said "the tea every women should drink: Matcha”.Since then it has become, with good reason, one of the most popular diet crazes around. It has 137 times anti oxidant of green tea and 70 times anti oxidant of orange juice. It has also 9 times more beta-carotene of spinach. These anti oxidants helps in burning fat and make your skin look younger.

A 1999 study featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that matcha rich in catechins hasthermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation 35-43%, beyond that explained by the tea’s caffeine content.